The type of finish and sealing is dependent upon the intended use of the countertop.  All finishes that we use are safe for food contact.


Mineral Oil: Mineral oil or a mineral oil and beeswax mix is used for countertops where the top is intended to be used as cutting board. This finish will wear and need to be reapplied regularly.

For countertops, bar tops, and bathroom tops where a permanent waterproof finish is required we use Waterlox®.  It is a tung-oil based finish that stands up to hard daily use. The finish seals wood fibers beneath the surface and will not chip, peel, or crack.

Distressing:  For a worn or country feel we use several different techniques.   We can incorporate saw marks, worm holes and other marks.

Staining: A  wide spectrum of stains are available along with stain matching.

Wood Types 
Our solid wood countertops are available in the following hard wood types:
•            Maple
•            Cherry
•            Ash
•            Oak
•            Walnut
•            Hickory
•            Beech

•            Mahogany

•            Wenge

Edge Profiles
We offer a wide variety of edge profiles including: eased, round over, chamfer, chamfer with bead, ogee, cove, cove and round over.

Construction Style

With a custom wood counter top, island top, or butcher block, you will need to select a construction style.  Plank or face grain top are constructed with the face of the wood up to show the natural pattern of the grain.  Edge grain tops are constructed with the side of the wood up, which shows the vertical lines of the grain.  End grain or butcher block tops are constructed with the end of the wood up using squares or rectangular blocks. 

​​Design Accessories
Make your counter top stand out with one of our built-in options.  We offer a built-in cutting board, knife block, removable cutting board, hot plate grills, sloped drain board, or stone inserts.

Design Features
Our tops are custom designed to meet your requirements and design style.  We can incorporate any sink, stove, or faucet cutouts. Certain design features may be added to make the top stand out.  We have several corner, front, and side options, including a live edge, for you to consider.  We also provide corner joining options.

We can incorporate steel reinforcement to allow for an overhang without any legs or brackets.

A beautiful and unique wood countertop adds warmth and character to a kitchen, bar, or bathroom.  Our solid wood countertops are individually handcrafted to provide a unique top that shows off the natural beauty of the wood.


A wood countertop gives a kitchen, bar, or bathroom a warmth that cannot be matched by any other material.  Wood is naturally beautiful, each board is unique and warm to the touch, unlike stone which is cold.  A wood countertop enhances your time in the kitchen by muffling the sounds of clinking dishes, glassware, and kitchen appliances.  Additionally, breakage is less likely should glassware or other items fall on them.

Each wood countertop, island top, or butcher block is one-of-a-kind due to an endless variety of colors, wood species, shapes and finishes.  The color and character of wood countertops improves with time.   

Wood counter tops fit all kitchen design styles from modern to traditional, contemporary to country, and even Mediterranean. 

We work with you to design, construct, and install a wood counter top that is truly unique.  Our wood counter tops, island tops, and butcher blocks are available in a wide variety of natural hard woods, construction styles, design styles, edge options, design options, and finishes.​