Wood Countertop Finishes

The type of finish is dependent upon the intended use of the countertop.  All finishes that we use are safe for food contact.


Mineral Oil: Mineral oil or a mineral oil and beeswax mix is used for countertops where the top is intended to be used as cutting board. This finish will wear and need to be reapplied regularly.

For countertops, bar tops, and bathroom tops where a permanent waterproof finish is required, we use Waterlox®.  It is a tung-oil based finish that stands up to hard daily use. The finish seals wood fibers beneath the surface and will not chip, peel, or crack.

Mineral Oil
Mineral oil is one common food-safe oil that is used to treat wood countertops, but it offers limited protection from water. Oiled surfaces provide some protection to the wood and keep it from drying out, warping or cracking. A wax and/or wax and oil combination offers the same benefits.

A mineral oil surface will not protect a wood countertop from long term exposure or consistent wetness.  Mineral Oil finishes and wax finishes will need to be renewed periodically to maintain the protection of the wood.

Waterlox Original Tung Oil products are resin-modified tung oil-based wood finishes. The tung oil provides the best penetrating and drying qualities available while the resin allows the coatings to form a film that is both water-resistant and elastic.

Different from other types of wood finishes, Waterlox offers “best of both worlds” benefits. For example, raw oils penetrate into wood but do not provide any real protection to the substrate. Plus, raw oil finishes need to be recoated often. Urethane coatings lay on top of the surface, look more like plastic, can be brittle and once breached ultimately fail.  Waterlox is truly incomparable because it penetrates like raw oil, while protecting and nurturing the wood without becoming fragile or having a plastic appearance

Waterlox finishes penetrate into the pores of the wood and build up to a coating that both guards and strengthens the wood. Best of all, they are easier to restore and re-coat.


For a worn or country feel we use several different techniques.   We can incorporate saw marks, worm holes and other marks.




We offer a wide spectrum of stain colors.  We can also match any stain color that you prefer.  The stains available are dependent upon the choice of wood species.