Knife storage can take the form of a singular long slot, series of slots, or a removable knife block. A long singular knife slot can be placed so the knives fit in the gap between the two cabinets below. Careful attention should be paid to placing knife slots above drawers, as the knives can interfere with the drawers below. Knife slots that are one long singular slot will fit a more universal set of knives. Removable knife blocks can be replaced with another piece when your knife set changes. Each removable knife block can be designed to any shape or size desired. 

Inlays of cutting boards, chopping blocks, or granite are also available.  The inlays can be permanently placed or removable for separate cleaning.

Options include backsplashes, sink cutouts, range top cutouts, stainless trivet rods, drainage channels, knife storage, and inlays.

Matching backsplashes are available for all countertops.  Each backsplash is ¾” thick and 4” or 6” in height.  The top edge can be eased or rounded over. 

Sink cut outs are available for both surface mount sinks and undermount sinks.  The sides of the countertop are sealed for undermount sinks.  Decorative edge profiles are available for sink cutouts.

Trivet rods are 5/8” stainless steel rods that fit into groves in the top.  The rods allow hot pots and pans to be placed on the top without damaging the wood.  The rods sit 3/8” above the countertop surface.  The rods can be arranged in several different patterns. 

Drainage channels can be machined into the top for drainage into a sink.  The channels are bull nose grooves that slope toward the sink.  The location, spacing, and design can be custom to each countertop.