Wood Countertops Hardness Scale

The hardness of the wood can be a factor to consider when choosing the species of wood used for a countertop.  We use select hardwoods and provide a comprehensive warranty, therefore the visual appeal of your design should take precedence.  The Janka chart has been used as an industry standard for determining the hardness of woods. The hardness test is conducted on plank style construction, while edge grain construction will result in additional hardness.  The hardness of the wood is only one element to consider while choosing the wood countertop or island top that is perfect for you.  Listed below is the hardness of select species.

Janka       Specie Name

380            Aspen
410            Basswood
540            American Chestnut
540            Poplar
830            Mahogany
950            Cherry
1010          Walnut
1155          Teak   
1220          Red Oak
1220          Curly Oak
1260          Birch
1300          American Beech
1320          White Ash
1335          White Oak
1450          Birdseye Maple
1450          Maple
1820          Hickory
1930          Wenge