Woodworking Tips & Trends

Stilwell, KS – One of our favorite projects is the wine wall and wine cellar with a live edge wood top installed in an amazing remodel in Stilwell. 

The wine wall is 10 feet tall by 13 feet long and is the focal point of the dining room.  There are lights in each section to illuminate the bottles in the collection.  It holds 136 bottles and is made of rustic alder matching the woodwork throughout the home.

The live edge top in the wine cellar is a bookended piece made with two slabs of walnut.  It completes the décor in the room with a rustic element that can also be found throughout the home.  The top is finished with a high gloss epoxy which gives it a luxurious look and protection from spills.

We always love working with large slabs and doing live edge pieces.  The grain patterns are much more unique when working with bigger boards, which makes each piece we do very unique.  These two pieces in the same home were a nice contrast in style with a more formal design in the dining room and a rustic look for the wine cellar, but they fit the home perfectly.

wine wall casework