Woodworking Tips & Trends

Old is new again when it comes to rustic home furnishings. A rustic style home is the perfect mix of old charm with a contemporary flair. It’s become one of the most popular home styles because rustic furnishings are timeless.  

 Rustic is the perfect blend of natural materials with a warm/neutral color palette. The warm color palette fosters an inviting ambiance in the home, and natural materials such as wood create an earthy feeling within the space.  

 Additionally, an item being handcrafted is key to the rustic style. Custom furnishes add to the vintage and distressed look that makes the rustic style so popular. Madison Custom Woodcrafts can help furnish your home to bring mother nature indoors.  

 A great rustic style item to include in your home is a wooden table or countertop. A wooden table or countertop brings the warmth and organic feel into the center of your home.  

Other wooden home furnishings to add to your rustic style are wooden cabinets, shelving, wine carts, or bed frames.  

 Another benefit of implementing rustic furnishings into your space are that they combine well with any style of home. Since rustic furnishings have a neutral color, they blend into the space seamlessly. They also accent the space with rawness and texture. 

   Rustic home furnishings bring charm and natural beauty into any home. Madison Custom Woodcrafts can help create the rustic style in your space.  


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