Woodworking Tips & Trends

Floating shelves are a trend that’s here to stay. According to Google in 2019, floating shelves were 4,150% more popular than in 2018. There’s no question to why they are so popular, floating shelves are a sleek way to open up a room.  

Floating shelves take a minimalist approach on creating extra storage or display space. They can easily dress up a bare wall and make a space to add your personal style. There are endless possibilities for how to style the space from displaying photos or holding kitchen dishes and glasses. A few other ways to decorate them include laundry room storage, toiletries, book collections, and pops of color. Floating shelves can also help space out items in a closed in area with lots of furniture or appliances.  

Another reason floating shelves are great is the simple way they create an airy aesthetic. Wood floating shelves foster a warm ambiance in a space. They let the room breathe due to their modern and minimalistic visual appeal. Especially with live edge shelves, they become a timeless and inviting part of the home.   

From their décor displaying capabilities to their pleasing aesthetic, floating shelves are a vital piece for your home. Trust Madison Custom Woodcrafts to create these contemporary pieces for your space.