Woodworking Tips & Trends

Sliding barn doors have become a popular trend for many reasons. They save space, are highly functional, and customizable. Barn doors add uniqueness to your home with their style and aesthetic.  

Barn doors are a great solution for saving space. Since they don’t require any extra room to swing open, they are perfect for smaller spaces such as hallways, bathrooms, mudrooms, or pantries. Also, they can be great for open concept floor plans so certain spaces can be closed off as needed. Additionally, sliding barn doors can save precious space in office buildings where there is a high cost per square foot.  

Another reason why sliding barn doors benefit your space is their style. The door can be easily customized to fit your taste and the aesthetic of your home. There are unlimited options for tints and finishes, which can compliment any type of home. In addition, they are more than a door, but can be seen as a statement piece in the home.  

Sliding barn doors are known not just for being effective at saving space, but also for their adaptability. From their simple profile that works well in all types of homes, to being lightweight enough for anyone to easily open, barn doors are a wonderful addition to your home.