Woodworking Tips & Trends

Hickory is a wonderful choice for your kitchen. Its versatility and durability make hickory perfect for any kitchen style. This incredible type of wood has recently become a huge trend for kitchen pieces.  

 Hickory trees can reach up to 120 feet tall, with over a dozen different species. Hickory is native to the U.S., unlike many other commercial woods. It’s one of the toughest woods, known for its strength and shock resistance. Additionally, hickory has moisture resistance and hard-wearing properties.  

  One of the reasons hickory is great for the kitchen is because of its versatility. It works well with both dark and light countertops and makes your kitchen a warm and inviting space. Hickory is also versatile because its distinctive color striations and its timeless visual appeal.  

 Hickory is a popular choice for kitchen cabinetry due to its two-tone veining and contrast between streaks. There are endless options for color stains, and its authentic characteristics are highlighted depending on the stain. Its flame-like grain can make the cabinetry a focal point for your kitchen. 

With the recent natural finishes and materials trend in kitchens, hickory has gained even more popularity. Hickory can help create a feeling of earthiness in your space. Have Madison Custom Woods foster this ambiance in your own home.